7 tips for translating documents for New Zealand visa applications

Are you planning to apply for a New Zealand visa? If so, you may need to translate some of your documents into English. Translation can be a daunting task, but it’s essential to ensure your application is accepted and approved.

Here are 7 tips for translating documents for New Zealand visa applications:

  1. Hire a professional translator: Translating documents can be a challenging task, and it’s best to hire a professional translator who is familiar with immigration processes in New Zealand. They will ensure your documents are accurately translated and meet all the immigration requirements. If you’re looking for professional translators to help you with your documents, make sure to contact us for a quote and inquiries 😉
  2. Translate all documents: Ensure that all your documents are translated, including letters, certificates, and other supporting documents. Immigration New Zealand requires that all documents submitted with your application be in English, so don’t forget any documents! If you’re not sure which documents you need, check the Immigration NZ website or check our partner advisers to select one that can better help you.
  3. Provide clear copies: Provide legible copies of the original documents to your translator to ensure they can accurately translate the content. This will help them to avoid errors or misunderstandings that could potentially harm your application.
  4. Use plain language: Use plain and straightforward language in your letters and self-made documents. Avoid using technical terms or jargon that might be difficult to translate. It’s also essential to avoid using slang or idiomatic expressions that may not have a translation into English.
  5. Check the translation: Once your documents have been translated, carefully check them for accuracy and completeness. Double-check that all information has been translated correctly, including names, dates, and addresses.
  6. Keep the original documents: Keep the original and translated documents together. It’s also a good idea to make additional copies of both the original and translated documents and get them certified by a Justice of the Peace. You don’t always need a hard copy, but be sure to have the PDF files stored with easy access.
  7. Use a reputable translation service: If you’re unsure about who to ask for help when translating your documents, you can count on TranslationsNZ. We offer professional and accurate translation services for all your immigration needs. Our translators are specialized in immigration and visa documentation and our translations are accepted in countries like New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Ireland, The USA, and Brazil.

Translating documents for a New Zealand visa application can be overwhelming, but it’s a crucial step in ensuring your application is approved. If you need help with translation, count on us to provide high-quality, fast, and reliable services.

Don’t let translation difficulties stop you from achieving your dreams of studying, working, or living in New Zealand. Get in touch with TranslationsNZ today and let us help you make your application process as smooth and stress-free as possible!