Driver Licence (NZTA)

Driver Licence - NZTA Approved Translation

NZTA accredited translations to drive in New Zealand or to convert overseas licences to a New Zealand licence.

Turnaround time:

Between 1 and 2 working days

Languages available:

Portuguese and Spanish

What do I need to send?

You need to send us the front and back sides of overseas licence and the ID page of your passport (those are required by the NZTA for your licence to be approved in New Zealand)

How can I order my driver licence translation?

You can send your documents through our Quote Page or place your order online by selecting the language of your licence below:


Yes, our translations are NZTA accredited, which means you can drive in New Zealand with your overseas licence if you have it translated by us.

You can also convert your overseas licence to a New Zealand Licence using our NZTA accredited translation.
You can drive for a maximum period of 12 months from the date you arrive in New Zealand. Each time you arrive in New Zealand you can drive for a further 12-month period.
If your overseas licence hasn't been expired for more than 12 months, you can still convert it to a New Zealand licence. After 12 months from the expiry date, you can no longer convert it to a New Zealand licence.
No. Even if you have your licence translated by an accredited translator, you can't drive in NZ with your expired overseas licence.
Driving in New Zealand Booklet.

An overview for immigrants and visitors about driving in New Zealand.

Read in English
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